Cyclone Proofing

Are you eligible for the cyclone proofing funding?

Living in North Queensland, you’d be well aware of how important it is to cyclone proof your home.

In an unprecedented move by the Queensland Government, home owners may be eligible for funding to improve the resilience of your property in cyclonic conditions.

Eligible home owners can apply to receive a grant which covers 75% of the cost of home improvements up to a maximum of $11,250 including GST.

The SolarSpan range of products is cyclonic-use approved and Queenslanders who purchase SolarSpan products through us will be eligible for the funding, providing they meet the specified criteria.

Home Improvement Options Covered by Funding
  • Roof replacements, upgrades or tie-downs​
  • Roof structure tie-downs using an external over-batten system​
  • Garage door replacements and frames
  • Window protection such as shutters and screens​
  • Tie downs for external structures such as sheds​
  • Door replacements​

As we are authorised dealers for SolarSpan you can purchase:

SolarSpan® by Bondor
InsulRoof® by Bondor

For more information on products covered by the grant, please contact us.

To be eligible you must:
  • Live in recognised cyclone area (Bundaberg to the Queensland/Northern Territory border & within 50km of the coast)
  • Own or being paying the mortgage on a house built before 1984
  • Live in the house (it’s your primary address)
  • Meet the income eligibility requirements

It will take 1–2 weeks after receiving your application for the Queensland Government Household Resilience Program (HRP) team to assess whether you qualify for funding.

You will also be required to provide itemised and calculated costs for upgrades to your home that are valued at $3,300 or more. It may take approximately 4 weeks for the HRP to inspect your house and inform you of the decision.

For more information on income eligibility, applications and how the funding works, please visit the Queensland Government website

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